Microsoft Volume Licensing Question:

Author: Scott Fleming

TNS clients have asked us: “Why is it that I can order five licenses from Windows but 50 activations show up in the Management Tool?”

The reason there are two different numbers, is that there is a difference between activations and the actual licenses.  Five upgrades (actual licenses), were purchased and can be used on five PCs.  You can activate each license multiple times; for example, if you want to wipe a PC and use the same license that would count as one activation.  With volume licensing you can do this about every 90 days.  It is not legal to activate the same license on 2 PCs at the same time.  Volume licensing is also helpful if your computer crashes; the original license dies with the computer, but the Volume Licensing offers an “extra” activation that allows you to use a license on your new equipment.

Please feel free to contact TNS with any other Volume Licensing questions.  

Author: Scott Fleming

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