Introduction to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Author: Dave Norwood

Many VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) projects go bad simply due to an incorrect belief that VDI is about the same as server virtualization.  “I’ve virtualized my heavy-duty servers, virtualizing my desktops is going to be a snap.”  This mindset will get you into a lot of trouble.

VDI is different from server virtualization on many levels.  For hardware, the performance requirements are drastically different.  With setup and configuration, completely new concepts such as non-persistent desktops and “personas” are extremely important to understand.  Even on licensing, the traditional model of licensing by CPU is completely different from the concurrent user model used in VDI.

VDI is a very powerful and beneficial technology.  You just need to be aware of how unique it really is.  Let Trusted Network Solutions help you leverage the many benefits while avoiding the many pitfalls.

For more information regarding VDI view Dave’s YouTube Video “VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Seminar” or Visit

Author: Dave Norwood

About Trusted Network Solutions:

TNS is a leading Value Added Reseller providing secure network systems and solutions to the SMB and enterprise markets. TNS offers best-of-breed technical solutions acquired, installed, secured, and maintained using the most cost effective methods available.


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