Encrypting Emails for Privacy and Compliance

Author: Mark Jolley

Regulatory compliance concerns among all types of organizations have driven significant interest in email encryption solutions. Professionals who share client, patient, student, or other information across networks know that confidential information must be kept protected to avoid great harm to organizations and individuals, and the associated costly compliance fines that can result in non-compliance.

Trusted Network Solutions has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to address these problems. The SecureMail email encryption feature found in WatchGuard’s XCS appliance line provides an easy solution to an otherwise complex and expensive encryption problem. There are several things we really like here about WatchGuard’s approach.

One. WatchGuard has partnered with Voltage, a leader in encryption technology. Unlike some manufacturers who require 1:1 encryption licenses for each email user in the system, WatchGuard (and Voltage) only charges for those email users who actually require the encryption feature, which drives down the cost significantly. Not everyone authors email that need to be encrypted, often times it’s only a select subset of people within the organization; and this extra licensing flexibility helps customers get exactly what they need without overpaying. Conversely, if the entire company needs coverage, then WatchGuard offers a smart appliance license that covers everyone serviced by the appliance.

Two. Once an email is encrypted it stays encrypted, no matter where it goes inside or outside the organization. If a business professional authors an encrypted message and sends it to anyone else, they can reply back and forth, or even forward it on to others, and it will always remain encrypted. The author is the only one who requires the encryption capability and license; all other recipients are dynamically issued an encryption key (resolved in the cloud) so they can access the encrypted email on any device (including browser and mobile) once they are authenticated. Authentication is an easy one-time setup for any user. This approach keeps things simple and yet highly secure.

Three. The WatchGuard XCS appliance offers much, much more capability beyond encryption which is in the box. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a powerful integrated feature that keeps sensitive data from leaving your network, intentionally or accidentally. DLP and encryption work together hand in hand, to save customers from making costly mistakes. For example, if an employee innocently sends an email to someone that contains an account number or social security number embedded further down in the email thread, the automated DLP feature will catch that email (from any type of account, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc), and flag it for review by the author or someone else in authority. Optionally that email could also automatically trigger the encryption feature on the fly, and be sent out if desired.

We like what WatchGuard is doing to simplify the process of email security and protect organizations from risk or harm. They are providing technology that is ranked among the best in the industry for effectiveness and ease of use, and they have kept the costs affordable. If you have questions about these or other technologies please contact the Trusted Network Solutions team.

Author: Mark Jolley

About Trusted Network Solutions:

TNS is a leading Value Added Reseller providing secure network systems and solutions to the SMB and enterprise markets. TNS offers best-of-breed technical solutions acquired, installed, secured, and maintained using the most cost effective methods available. www.trustednetworksolutions.com


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