What is the value of Brocade Support?

Author: Jackie Grobstein

When ordering Brocade equipment, you may question if the accompanying support option is worth purchasing. Murphy ’s Law suggests that buying support will pay in the long run. However, your boss may not agree to spend the extra money based on theory; so here are some facts about Brocade support:

  • With Brocade support, a customer receives a single point of contact for all Brocade SAN, IP hardware, and software support activities.
  • Each customer has direct access to Brocade support resources and expertise 24×7, which is great since nothing ever breaks at a convenient time.
  • Brocade customers receive fast problem escalation and resolution, which reduces costs associated with downtime, as well as increased application availability.
  • Brocade support provides greater operational efficiency and lower overall support costs.
  • Support customers are offered a variety of hardware and software Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet their needs, as well as proactive support services to help optimize their Brocade networking infrastructures.

As a Brocade Premier Partner, Trusted Network Solutions is familiar with Brocade service and is able to answer any other questions you may have regarding the support.

Information on Brocade support sourced from: https://www.brocade.com/service-support/index.html

Author: Jackie Grobstein

About Trusted Network Solutions:

TNS is a leading Value Added Reseller providing secure network systems and solutions to the SMB and enterprise markets. TNS offers best-of-breed technical solutions acquired, installed, secured, and maintained using the most cost effective methods available.www.trustednetworksolutions.com


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