The Three Legs of Cyber Security

For nearly 10 years I’ve been using The Great Wall of China as a way to illustrate the three legs of IT security. I explain how security is a three-legged stool and the Great Wall shows this in perfect detail. The analogy has been useful with my conversations with both technical and non-technical IT professionals and students. I hope you find it helpful with developing your own total security plan and/or explaining this complex subject to others.

Cyber/IT security is an ever evolving cat and mouse game that challenges all of us, at home and at work. However, there are some fundamentals that don’t change. Defense in depth, policy with enforcement, and the three legs of security are examples. By focusing on the fundamentals, and allowing the fundamentals to drive your decisions, you will be able to get through all the noise, buzz, hype, etc. around IT security. There are no magic bullets, focus on the fundamentals and not the next new shinny object.

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