What is the value of Brocade Support?

Author: Jackie Grobstein

When ordering Brocade equipment, you may question if the accompanying support option is worth purchasing. Murphy ’s Law suggests that buying support will pay in the long run. However, your boss may not agree to spend the extra money based on theory; so here are some facts about Brocade support: Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Support/ Service Contracts

Author: Jackie Grobstein

If you are purchasing network products such as servers, firewalls, routers, SANs, switches, etc., you should consider adding a support contract. Continue reading

Using the OSI Model as a Troubleshooting Model

By Russell Lindsay, VP of Engineering, Trusted Network Solutions

One of the first things we learn when we started working in the field of computer networking, is the OSI model.  The OSI model is used to describe how data should pass across a network.  It is broken up into 7 layers, starting with layer 1 as the lowest layer and moving up to layer 7.  The 7 layers are labelled, starting with layer 1 at the bottom, 1-Physical, 2-Data Link, 3-Network, 4-Transport, 5-Session, 6-Presentation, and 7-Application. Continue reading

Support End Date Tracking

Author: Jackie Grobstein

Ever have equipment crash and find yourself  searching for the support contract — only to find that your support expired two months ago?  Trusted Network Solutions’ clients  don’t have this problem.  Continue reading