IT Hardware and Software Lifecycle

There is a lot of confusion on how vendors retire their IT solutions. I’m going to try to clear up some of that confusion. The focus here is the IT hardware lifecycle, but many times software vendors follow a similar pattern.

First, let’s use some precise terms. I hear/read “EOS” all the time. Does EOS mean End of Sale? Or does it mean End of Support? As you’re going to read here, those two terms mean very different things. I also don’t like EOL, End of Life. Does a product go EOL when it stops being sold, or when it stops being supported? Again, two very different dates. When life ends is a sensitive subject, far too deep for IT hardware and software. If it isn’t clear what is being referenced, End of Sale or End of Support, you may end up SOL. I’ll use very clear terms in this article. Let’s get started.

With almost all vendors the product lifecycle process goes like this.

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Technology Vendor Special Discounts

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Many times IT vendors will offer special discounts at the end of the month, quarter or year. They offer these discounts with a deadline. But is that deadline real? Why would they sell it for $x,xxx in December and not sell it for the same price in January? If you put enough pressure on them in January for the same year-end price, they’ll give in, right? Actually, many times that is wrong, the special discount really does expire.

There are a few reasons that vendors will not honor special discounts after the deadline has passed.

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Spear Phishers are Winning, Here is a Real Example

Please be aware, the spear phishers are getting even more crafty and almost impossible to stop. One of our clients just lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a spear phishing wire fraud attack that used this technique. Here is how they do it:

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Fast Five Ways That Healthcare Benefits from VDI

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Roaming Desktops

Roaming desktops are the idea of being able to connect to your desktop from any device, from anywhere. So, in a VDI (Virtual desktop Infrastructure) environment, the desktop is running as a virtual machine in the data center. When a user accesses that desktop, they’re using any mobile device with a screen and a keyboard, whether it’s a hard keyboard or virtual keyboard, to remote control that desktop in the data center. Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Licensing – Which Edition Is Right for You?

There is only one way of licensing Server 2012, so as long as you understand how the licensing works, the real decision you are faced with is picking the Standard or Data Center Edition. Continue reading