Spear Phishers are Winning, Here is a Real Example

Please be aware, the spear phishers are getting even more crafty and almost impossible to stop. One of our clients just lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a spear phishing wire fraud attack that used this technique. Here is how they do it:

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MSIS Sponsored Capstone Projects

You may know I’m now running the Sponsored Capstone Projects at the University of Utah.  What you may not know is this could be of value to your organization.

One of my responsibilities is to bring new projects to my students. This means I can help organizations get important, but unbudgeted, projects done. These are graduate IS students with an average of 5 years work experience. A project team can complete projects that require hundreds of man hours. But these are not “free” projects to the sponsoring organization. While there is no hard dollar cost today, we do require sponsors allocate staff resources to interface with our project team as well as executive sponsorship. In some cases, software or cloud services are needed and provided by the sponsor (ownership retained by sponsor after project is completed).

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What is a VAR and Why You Should Work With One to Save Time and Money

Author: Dave Norwood

There are many resellers out there. However, there are far fewer VARs (Value Added Resellers). The important difference is how much value the reseller adds to the equation. There are poor sales persons/companies who call themselves “VARs” but add little or no value, they only add to the cost of goods. These are the people who give the term “middle man” its bad name. On the opposite end is a true VAR. Continue reading