Five Ways That Retail Benefits from WiFi

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Advertising

With current Wi-Fi technologies we can actually detect where someone is within a store, or mall. For example, when they’re walking by the Apple Store we can, if they’re using the mall Wi-Fi, have a pop up ad that reads, “For the next 30 minutes there’s a 20% off sale on iPads,” or “There’s no waiting at the Genius Bar.” Continue reading

What do Network Admins Really Need to Know About 802.11ac Wireless?

By: Dustin Baker, Senior Systems Engineer at Trusted Network Solutions

Wireless history, if 802.11a was a two lane back road, 802.11b/g was a two-lane highway, 802.11n was a freeway, then 802.11ac is the Autobahn. 802.11ac has the ability to offer 1.3 gigabit per second wireless data speeds and potentially take away the need for wired workstation networks. This is exciting news for the technology industry, but we need look a little deeper before removing all of our network cable. Continue reading