Support End Date Tracking

Author: Jackie Grobstein

Ever have equipment crash and find yourself  searching for the support contract — only to find that your support expired two months ago?  Trusted Network Solutions’ clients  don’t have this problem.  Continue reading

Wireless Assessments

Author: Dave Norwood

In the past people have had old-school wireless site surveys done.  These include a really fat report, inches and inches thick… which costs thousands and thousands of dollars.  It would show in-depth heat maps, channel maps, interference maps, photographs of where they should install access points, and many other documents (many of them “fluff” in my opinion). Continue reading

Surge Protector and a UPS?

Author: Dave Norwood

Is it OK to plug a surge protector into a UPS?  We have had several clients ask this question.  The easy answer is, “No.”  The output of a UPS is usually a square wave and not a sine wave. Surge protector circuits are designed for a sine wave input creating a mismatch. Even in rare case that the surge protector is designed for a square wave, it’s best not to do it. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Part II: Buying Programs

Author: Dave Norwood

I have been explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing for many years.  It is time to put it down in ink.  This is part two of my two part blog.  Part one, published a few weeks ago, was all about Software Assurance.  Part two, below, explains the 5 “buying programs” that Microsoft offers.

Microsoft offers five buying programs.  They are OEM, Retail, Open, Select, and Enterprise.  All have different benefits and restrictions and can be useful.  You just have to pick the right one for your particular need. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Part I: Software Assurance

Author: Dave Norwood

I have been explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing for many years.  It is time to put it down in ink.  This will be a two part blog.  Part one, below, will be Software Assurance.  Part two, which will be published in a few weeks, will explain the 5 “buying programs” that Microsoft offers.

Software Assurance (SA) is a subscription added to Microsoft licenses that offers additional benefits over just being licensed to use the software.  The benefit most people think of with SA is upgrade rights. Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Licensing – Which Edition Is Right for You?

There is only one way of licensing Server 2012, so as long as you understand how the licensing works, the real decision you are faced with is picking the Standard or Data Center Edition. Continue reading

Encrypting Emails for Privacy and Compliance

Author: Mark Jolley

Regulatory compliance concerns among all types of organizations have driven significant interest in email encryption solutions. Professionals who share client, patient, student, or other information across networks know that confidential information must be kept protected to avoid great harm to organizations and individuals, and the associated costly compliance fines that can result in non-compliance. Continue reading

Business Relocation and IT Department Challenges

Author: Dave Norwood

Relocation of a business involves several facets; one that can be challenging is moving your IT department.  It is a good idea and sometimes a requirement to reevaluate your network needs when making a move from one physical location to another.  This is where Trusted Network Solutions comes in: Continue reading

Introduction to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Author: Dave Norwood

Many VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) projects go bad simply due to an incorrect belief that VDI is about the same as server virtualization.  “I’ve virtualized my heavy-duty servers, virtualizing my desktops is going to be a snap.”  This mindset will get you into a lot of trouble. Continue reading