Five Ways That Small & Medium Sized Businesses Benefit from Shared Storage

Author: Dave Norwood

1) No Stranded Storage

Normally, if you have three or four different servers, each server has its own direct attached storage, literally— drives plugged right into the server, or a shelf hanging off the server. Server A could have all kinds of free space, and server B could be plumb full— it doesn’t matter, they’re independent, they can’t share storage. Continue reading

Five Ways That Retail Benefits from WiFi

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Advertising

With current Wi-Fi technologies we can actually detect where someone is within a store, or mall. For example, when they’re walking by the Apple Store we can, if they’re using the mall Wi-Fi, have a pop up ad that reads, “For the next 30 minutes there’s a 20% off sale on iPads,” or “There’s no waiting at the Genius Bar.” Continue reading

Fast Five Ways That Healthcare Benefits from VDI

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Roaming Desktops

Roaming desktops are the idea of being able to connect to your desktop from any device, from anywhere. So, in a VDI (Virtual desktop Infrastructure) environment, the desktop is running as a virtual machine in the data center. When a user accesses that desktop, they’re using any mobile device with a screen and a keyboard, whether it’s a hard keyboard or virtual keyboard, to remote control that desktop in the data center. Continue reading

TNS Fast Five Tips: Five Ways That Financial Institutions Benefit from Next Generation Firewalls

Author: Dave Norwood

1. Granular Application Control

This refers to the ability to do more than simply block a website or block an application from a website or an application server, but actually understand the application and block the functions within that application. Similar to a dimmer switch, the settings can be turned up or down. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Audits

Author: Dave Norwood

Over the past few months I’ve been getting more and more calls from my clients about Microsoft requesting an audit of their licensing. The title of the email is usually something like “Microsoft Software Asset Management Review”. I would like to share my experiences with these audits, I think you’ll find this helpful when/if you get one of these requests. Continue reading

End of Support On Key Microsoft Solutions

Author: Dave Norwood

As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer be offering critical updates or support for Windows XP, Office 2003, and Exchange Server 2003. If you haven’t upgraded, you may want to start thinking about it. Continue reading

Wireless Assessments

Author: Dave Norwood

In the past people have had old-school wireless site surveys done.  These include a really fat report, inches and inches thick… which costs thousands and thousands of dollars.  It would show in-depth heat maps, channel maps, interference maps, photographs of where they should install access points, and many other documents (many of them “fluff” in my opinion). Continue reading

Surge Protector and a UPS?

Author: Dave Norwood

Is it OK to plug a surge protector into a UPS?  We have had several clients ask this question.  The easy answer is, “No.”  The output of a UPS is usually a square wave and not a sine wave. Surge protector circuits are designed for a sine wave input creating a mismatch. Even in rare case that the surge protector is designed for a square wave, it’s best not to do it. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Part II: Buying Programs

Author: Dave Norwood

I have been explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing for many years.  It is time to put it down in ink.  This is part two of my two part blog.  Part one, published a few weeks ago, was all about Software Assurance.  Part two, below, explains the 5 “buying programs” that Microsoft offers.

Microsoft offers five buying programs.  They are OEM, Retail, Open, Select, and Enterprise.  All have different benefits and restrictions and can be useful.  You just have to pick the right one for your particular need. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Part I: Software Assurance

Author: Dave Norwood

I have been explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing for many years.  It is time to put it down in ink.  This will be a two part blog.  Part one, below, will be Software Assurance.  Part two, which will be published in a few weeks, will explain the 5 “buying programs” that Microsoft offers.

Software Assurance (SA) is a subscription added to Microsoft licenses that offers additional benefits over just being licensed to use the software.  The benefit most people think of with SA is upgrade rights. Continue reading