Introduction to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Author: Dave Norwood

Many VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) projects go bad simply due to an incorrect belief that VDI is about the same as server virtualization.  “I’ve virtualized my heavy-duty servers, virtualizing my desktops is going to be a snap.”  This mindset will get you into a lot of trouble. Continue reading


208-Volt Power vs 110-Volt Power

Author: Dave Norwood

The United States is slowly seeing the benefits of 208-volt power over 110-volt.  I didn’t truly understand the benefits until I ran into a problem with a large 4-processor Intel server.  Turns out that this particular server with four power supplies, only needed two to run when fed 208-volt, but needed three power supplies when fed 110-volt.  This became a problem when the client had dual power busses (sources/feeds) and one bus lost power.  Continue reading