Five Ways That Small & Medium Sized Businesses Benefit from Shared Storage

Author: Dave Norwood

1) No Stranded Storage

Normally, if you have three or four different servers, each server has its own direct attached storage, literally— drives plugged right into the server, or a shelf hanging off the server. Server A could have all kinds of free space, and server B could be plumb full— it doesn’t matter, they’re independent, they can’t share storage. Continue reading

Microsoft Licensing Audits

Author: Dave Norwood

Over the past few months I’ve been getting more and more calls from my clients about Microsoft requesting an audit of their licensing. The title of the email is usually something like “Microsoft Software Asset Management Review”. I would like to share my experiences with these audits, I think you’ll find this helpful when/if you get one of these requests. Continue reading

Fiber Channel vs. iSCSI

Author: Dave Norwood

I’ve been asked many times about iSCSI versus Fiber Channel for Storage Area Networks (SAN). While I believe iSCSI is a solid protocol appropriate for many applications, I’ve had many more performance problems versus Fiber Channel. This is why I shy away from iSCSI, especially 1Gb iSCSI. I’ve been selling 4Gb Fiber Channel for years, and it isn’t a mere four times faster than 1Gb iSCSI, it is more like five or six times as fast IMHO. Why? Continue reading